You Can’t Fail…if you never try

Greetings! I am so glad that you stopped by. It’s a new year and time to try new things. Have you ever wanted to do something but you’ve been so overwhelmed with fear that you just didn’t? I don’t mean anything negative but those things that would benefit other people? You know, all those “someday” goals that only slip by year after year? Well, I have. So, this year I am finally stepping out from all those places where I was so worried about offending someone or doing something I later regret, or just hiding my gifts.

I have wanted to be a writer for a long time—even back when I was a little girl. So a sampling of what you will find on this blog are poems that were written many years ago. There will be devotionals, poetry, thoughts and emotions that I want a venue to share. They will touch no one’s life sitting in a box waiting to be seen someday. I hope that you receive encouragement, insight or just a feeling that someone cares, when you drop by to visit.

I found this poem from back in my high school days. The emotions of it are still strangely appropriate as I venture into this new world of blogging.

I look at this blank

white sheet of paper

My pen poised in my hand waiting

to write.

My thoughts run through my mind

wondering what topic I should choose

Many are excluded as uninteresting

or too deep.

I think of how I’m to keep

my reader interested

Once I’ve picked my topic

and know what to write.

I wonder how

I’ll put into words

Exactly how I feel

and think.

With all my restrictions

I feel walls closing in on me

And I put away my blank

 white sheet of paper.

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