Burst Bubbles

Do you remember soap bubbles? As children, we delighted in the dazzling rainbow colors, gently blowing the bubbles as they wafted in the breeze. Then, all too soon, they popped.

Like those soap bubbles, life is both fragile and beautiful. For a brief time, we enjoy the experience, and then, all too soon, it is over.

We desire simplicity but the rat race continues—chasing the wind, grasping at nothing, while hoping for something. It is ironic that after years of labor, sweat and personal sacrifice, achievements mean so little. The trophies collect dust, the accolades fade, and the successes of yesterday pave the way for the new award winners. We can take nothing with us when we leave this world. To seek worldly wealth in exchange for a vital relationship with Jesus Christ is to attempt to hold on to soap bubbles.

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