Attitude of Gratitude

“I used to complain about my feet until I met a man who didn’t have any.” Murmuring and complaining reveals a heart attitude of ungratefulness. Similar challenges affect us all, but our response to those circumstances is what charts our courses in life. We either get “bitter” or “better.”

God never calls us to be “adults” of God but rather “children.” Not childish but childlike–trusting, joyful, secure, and displaying a grateful heart during the good seasons and the bad. He wants us to have admiration, reliance, and confidence in His character as we “do life” together.

God is good; His mercy endures forever. His Spirit whispers into your heart of His constant and abiding love. Regardless of what you may be facing: death, grief, loss of a child, sickness, cancer, financial struggle, personal challenges, marital difficulties, accidents, hospitalizations, birth, marriage, celebrations, anniversaries, reunions, etc. you can be assured that He Who loves you most will never leave you.

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