Looking Back

I died inside 35 years ago today. I thought my life had ended. Every dream, hope, desire and plan for my future was over. Suicide looked very tempting but I had some miniscule hope that maybe God could still save me. Maybe there could be light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe there was a way out of all my pain, depression, delusion and brokenness.

Oh, how thankful I am that God reached me with His love!

I—so undeserving and so rebellious. But He was merciful and He had so many more dreams for my life than I had ever imagined. It is amazing to realize that the very places that once held me in bondage are the very circumstances that God has redeemed and healed to comfort others.

So today, if you somehow feel that your life can never get better and the enemy of your soul keeps bombarding you with despair, self-hatred and regret, please know that God still has good plans for you and that He can heal your broken heart.

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