Dig Deeper to Why?

I wanted to learn to use a spinning wheel. At historical sites, I watched women dressed in traditional fashions of colonial times. They seemed to effortlessly spin yarn, dip candles, embroider and demonstrate skillful crafts to the admiration of all who watched.

I wanted to learn to massage people. Tommy was paralyzed from the neck down because of polio. He was seventeen and I was seven. As he sat in his wheelchair I massaged his neck, shoulders and back. He was so thankful that I took time to talk to him and massage him. It made me so happy to know that I could make him feel special.

I wanted to play the guitar. My oldest brother played for the Youth Sunday in church. He led the congregation to worship God with new songs. I loved singing hymns and I also enjoyed these more vibrant, peppy songs.

What was behind these desires and interests? Something much deeper wove through the fleeting attempts of pursuit.

I wanted to influence people, to touch their hearts, to see their lives change and ultimately to be used to draw them closer to God. I wanted to make them feel special, loved and cared for as individuals. I wanted them to feel valued and significant—not apart from God but with Him.

But, Why Writing?

Words. God chose words to write a book for all time. He used words to create all that we see in Creation. He could have used anything but He chose the power and beauty of language.

On a much smaller scale, I want to use words to draw people to Him.

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