Little Children

Guest Post by Ross McElwee:

DCP_0306Years ago, back on our farm in Texas when our kids were young, I used to have a cabinetry & remodeling business. I would often work long hours, and 10-12 hour days weren’t uncommon. One thing I remember clearly, is how often when I would come home, the kids would all race out to greet me. Often barefoot, often dirty from their play, even having smudges of mud on their faces, they didn’t care. Nor did they care that I was sweaty, or had sawdust on me. Instead, we would all just revel in being back together.

Why isn’t it like that when we come to God? After all, isn’t HE our Heavenly Father? Why do we feel the need to try to clean ourselves up first, like that really matters? Aren’t we supposed to come to HIM like little children? And yes, like any loving parent, HE will take the time to clean us up and if necessary to wash our hands and faces before sitting down for supper, or putting us to bed. I’m thankful that God calls us to be His children…. not “grownups.”

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