Why All Was Silent

Admittedly, this should have been a “highlight” week for me but I have been sick for the last five days. Here is the irony of realizing that our expectations do not always equal our reality.

I received confirmation that my few sample books should be arriving at my door sometime in the next few days! Once I give my final approval, Broken Hearts Healed, will be available for purchase!

So, yes, the achievement of a “lifetime” of waiting and dreams in my heart fulfilled but my poor body didn’t have the energy to celebrate. Further, you were all on my mind daily as I kept thinking, “I should post something…..a devotional, a funny story, a short meditation.” But as you can see, I did not. Silence ruled across my facebook page and website this week. I am just now re-gaining some strength and I look forward to being “back in the swing of things” this coming week. Thanks for your patience.

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