About Me

IMGP6078-2Hi. I am so glad you dropped by.

I am a silver-haired storyteller, author and speaker who hopes to encourage, inspire, strengthen and challenge you as we journey together with Jesus.

My first book, Broken Hearts Healed is available to order and I am thrilled to see the dream of waiting twenty-five years to write my story. It took five years of grueling work and I am ready to see it launched out into the world of readers.

I have lived an amazing life as a missionary, pastor’s wife, homeschool mom, farmer’s wife, teacher, counselor and friend.I have been married over twenty-five years and we have four children and a daughter-in-law.

I love to encourage people. I have a dramatic flair to my personality. I love to write, sing and have deep heart-to-heart talks for hours on end. The beach is my favorite place because I love the vastness of the ocean but I also just enjoy the beauty of creation.

I have lived in Texas, West Virginia and in the country of Barbados, West Indies. I lived for almost seven years in a remote village of 200 people in “Bush” Alaska and now we live on the road system. It has been a life full of adventure and rich with stories.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Greetings from East Texas!
    Lovely picture of you, I trust that you are doing just GREAT!
    God bless y’all,
    Stop by Carthage, TX, it’d be great to see you in person

  2. So glad I came across your blog, Ruth. I am also about to publish my first novel – one that deals with the sensitive topic of sexual abuse. I know it’s a topic a lot of writers shy away from because they think it’s too embarrassing, but I believe if we can show that no matter our past we can find healing in Jesus Christ then people will be more than happy to read our books. BTW, I was born in Trinidad, and my story is set there. All the best with your book.

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