Are You…His Mother?


I have had my signature silver hair for a very long time and Ross has always been “baby-faced.” Of course, that fact that I am the older one of us, by 6 1/2 years only adds to that “difference.” That’s what comes from falling in love with a younger man. Thus, I insisted that he must always have a beard and a mustache because if not, people would really think that he’s my son and not my husband…. as has happened on more than one occasion.

After only a few months of living in our new remote Alaskan village of 200, it was time for the high school graduation. It is an honor for the elders to receive their food first and in this case, dessert. As the entire village was milling around the school gymnasium, a young 10-year-old girl looked at me.

“You can go get your dessert now.”DSC05996

Quizzically, I looked at her. “Why?”

She promptly responded, “Because you’re an elder.”

I smiled as I was just in my early 40’s and one needed to be 55 to qualify for that status.

“What makes you think I’m an elder?”

“Well, your hair.”

I burst out laughing, leaned down gently and said, “Honey, I’m not an elder. My hair might look really old, but I am not.”

Later when relating that story to some of my new friends in the village, they started laughing in embarrassment. I was puzzled and they finally told me why they were all so embarrassed.

“We all thought you were older. We all thought you were his mother!”

DSC06002So, our first Christmas in the village, we were debating what to do for the church
program and our oldest daughter, Rachel Joy, chuckles and looks at me, “Well, Mom, you’re too old to be the Virgin Mary.” So, Ross and I goofed off and teased about being Simeon and Anna…..which became reality.DSC05997

Ross purchased theatrical make-up and a bald cap and beard but then in order for it to be applied correctly, he realized that shaving might be the better route. Now you can see for yourself how young he looks. That’s Dad posing with his two sons and oldest daughter. He was nearly 39 in those pictures. The last shot is us, as Simeon and Anna.


Lesson of the Forget-Me-Not

Consider this devotional a God moment in which He is speaking to you.


I have not forgotten you. Can a nursing mother forget her child? Yet, I have not forgotten you. I have engraved you on the palms of My hands. You are precious to me. I created you for My glory, for companionship so that we would walk together throughout this life. Many things have happened to you that have caused you such pain and heartache. I know intimately all that you have carried. I desire to take the burdens from you and to fill you with joy. If you only knew how very much I love you.

Circumstances and broken relationships have damaged your ability to trust. I am aware of all that satan has done through people to keep you from believing Me and surrendering your heart and life to My care. It is the enemy’s desire to rob you of relationship with Me. The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you might have life, and that life more abundantly.

Your fleshly desires for more materialistic possessions will never satisfy. Even if you gained all the wealth you long for, but have not found Me, the essence of Life itself, all would still be meaningless. Can you not look at the tiny forget-me-nots and recognize that in spite of blistering winds, trampled ground, months of seeing no sunshine as they are avalanched in snow, every summer they are still there, clinging to the rocks? Do you not yet understand? If you cling to the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ, there will be nothing that can rip you out of My hands. There will be no difficulty or hardship that will be impossible to endure if you only cling and trust in Me with all your heart. This is a great life lesson. Few will ever see the forget-me-nots, yet I know exactly where they are, every season of the year. Oh, precious one, if I care so much about tiny tundra flowers, how much more I care about you. You are made in My image. I loved you so much that I willingly gave My life for you on the cross.

I died because of My great love for you. I died in hopes that one day you would repent of your sins and turn to Me and we would be friends and no longer enemies. I took the risk that only true Love would take. I gave all not expecting anything in return. I gave freely in hope that My love demonstrated on the cross would be so profound that it would melt your heart of stone.

I will never leave you nor forsake you. That is My promise and I am not a man that I should lie. I Am the Almighty God. Will you come to Me? I have not forgotten you. Have you forgotten Me?

Attitude of Gratitude

“I used to complain about my feet until I met a man who didn’t have any.” Murmuring and complaining reveals a heart attitude of ungratefulness. Similar challenges affect us all, but our response to those circumstances is what charts our courses in life. We either get “bitter” or “better.”

God never calls us to be “adults” of God but rather “children.” Not childish but childlike–trusting, joyful, secure, and displaying a grateful heart during the good seasons and the bad. He wants us to have admiration, reliance, and confidence in His character as we “do life” together.

God is good; His mercy endures forever. His Spirit whispers into your heart of His constant and abiding love. Regardless of what you may be facing: death, grief, loss of a child, sickness, cancer, financial struggle, personal challenges, marital difficulties, accidents, hospitalizations, birth, marriage, celebrations, anniversaries, reunions, etc. you can be assured that He Who loves you most will never leave you.